rental rules

The rental period starts on Saturday 13:00 hours and ends on Saturday 09: 00. Pets are not allowed and there should be no smoking in the appartment. The tenant is not allowed  to rent to others in whole or in part or  to give to rent or use.
The rental price is the fee for the use of the house, including use of the fixed inventory and includes electricity. Included are sheets, pillow cases, towels and tea towels, blankets for the number of persons as defined. Towels for the pool and the beach are not included. Cleaning costs are included in the rental price.

If the tenant cannot, want or will accept the leased property on the agreed date, he shall immediately inform the landlord. The cancellation shall be in writing or by email and will be confirmed by phone. 
If the tenant cancels the agreement for the period up to 8 weeks before the starting date of the rental period, he remains 10% of the rent due; If cancelled up to 2 weeks 50%. If the renter beware communicates during the rental period start date or no use (more) of the leased property to the full rental price will make, he remains due.
If the house will be rented (the old tenant may if he so wishes itself for a new tenant concerns, as long as it runs through the intermediary), the rent charged by the new tenant and the rent already received will be refunded.

LANDLORD OBLIGATIONS is mandatory the leased property on the agreed date and time in good condition to make available to tenant.

TENANT OBLIGATIONS is required to properly use the rented and leased premises in good condition, neat and tidy to leave again.

Tenant is liable for damage to the leased property, including the damage to or loss of (part of) the inventory, caused during the rental period, unless tenant can justify that the damage to him, his family members or guests can not be held responsible. On the damage amount will be deducted from the amount that is paid out under any insurance.

COST RECOVERY the costs of normal maintenance and repair of defects are to be paid by the landlord. In the event of defects, must notify immediately to tenant between person and his instructions to follow as much as possible. In this context, possibly by tenant costs incurred by landlord to tenant on submission of itemised billing be refunded, if person has given approval to do so between.